Family Law

The breakup of a relationship is a traumatic and emotional time in a person’s life particularly where the dispute extends to guardianship, custody and access to children. Kevin P. Kilrane & Co. will advise and represent you in a very understanding way in relation to all family law matters and where possible will bring matters to a conclusion whether by agreement with a spouse/partner or through the various processes in the Court system. This includes advice and representation in the following areas:-

  1. Separation by way of Separation Agreement.
  2. Judicial Separation pursuant to the Family Law Acts.
  3. Divorce pursuant to the Family Law Acts.
  4. Annulment.
  5. Guardianship, Custody and Access
  6. Maintenance
  7. Civil Partnership
  8. Cohabitation
  9. Domestic Violence.

All family law cases are held in camera. This means that they are held in private and not open to the public or to be reported on with now some relaxation of this rule. Cases of domestic violence can be brought before Court on an emergency basis.