District Court / Criminal Defence

Kevin P. Kilrane & Co. represents clients in all District Court matters in the District Courts of County Leitrim and surrounding counties where we regularly attend. We can also organise representation or attend personally in the Dublin Courts and further a field if the case requires it. Kevin P. Kilrane & Co. have a particular speciality in defending drink driving and other road traffic offences.

Criminal Legal Aid may be available depending on the circumstances of the individual and how serious the charge before the Court is under the Criminal Legal Aid Scheme.

The typical criminal matters which come before the District Court include the following:-

  1. Road Traffic Offences
  2. Assault
  3. Public Order Offences
  4. Drugs Offences
  5. Theft and Fraud Offences
  6. Prosecution by the Revenue, County Council or other State Agencies

Kevin P. Kilrane & Co. also defend Indictable matters before the Circuit Court and Central Criminal Court and have a long and distinguished record in this regard. Every person is entitled to proper and effective representation in any criminal matter whether minor or serious. Being prosecuted for an offence in the Criminal Courts whether minor or serious can be a very stressful time for a client. If you require advice and/or representation to the Defence of any criminal matter please contact us for a consultation.